Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are we? was created to help players to choose the best Hytale server hosting.
Given the lack of centralized information to compare different services, and the multitude of server rental services, we decided to create our website. Players can find and compare in a few clicks their favorite providers, simple and effective!

There is an error in your data

We try to do our best to have accurate and up-to-date data.
Despite our vigilance, we may have made a mistake, or we missed a promotion of a provider. Have you noticed an error? Contact us so we can update the page as soon as possible;)

How to add my company ?

You represent a company that is not present in our ranking of the best Hytale server hosting services ? We put at your disposal a dedicated page, to contact us to add your services in our ranking of the best hosts Hytale.

Do you make money?

At no time do we make money on your back! No affiliate link, no commission, no advertising on our website. The work done on this site is done solely by passion, and we wish to remain neutral and objective;)

How is computed the rating ?

To calculate the rating of a Hytale server rental provider, we use the available data with, as a priority, the use of Trustpilot, for the hosts using this system. Trustpilot allows you to retrieve customer reviews from a host, and automatically calculates the rating, according to reviews. So we do not intervene at any time in the rating process, it is the customers of the host who judge the quality of service!

Is Trustpilot the only accepted website for ratings?

No, we accept any system based on customer feedback, for rating and ranking of the best Hytale providers.
The only restriction is that the system you use must work transparently, and the host must not be able to alter the data.

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No rating is assigned to a provider ?

If no score is given to a provider in the comparator, it means that the host does not publish transparently the opinions of its customers. We believe that customers are the only ones able to give their opinion on a service, we never assign a rating ourselves, allowing us to remain objective on any occasion!

All companies are eligible to join our comparison.